Colony Cluster Decommisioning — RCG Handbook

Feb 03, 2019

Colony Cluster DecommisioningΒΆ

For over 10 years The Colony Cluster has served as a resource to help researchers get their research done in a quick and efficient fashion. It started out by filling a gap whereby Compute Canada did not have a method that a researcher could contribute resources to the cluster and have high priority access to their equipment, while also gaining access to the greater system as a whole.

No longer is this the case. Compute Canada now has a robust offering of services including the ability to host contributed nodes specific for research needs at a much greater scale and with regular hardware refreshes. The newer capabilities within Compute Canada has rendered the necessity for The Colony Cluster and its mostly obsolete hardware to be no longer be a viable resource for research computation.

Given these facts, we plan to retire The Colony cluster on April 30th, 2019. It has served us and our researchers well. The staff that support The Colony Cluster also support systems hosted by Compute Canada and we feel we can meet the needs of any SFU researcher using the Compute Canada resources.

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