IT Services for Researchers — RCG Handbook

IT Services for Researchers

Research Computing can support your research activities by providing:

  • Expertise regarding specific software packages.
  • Access to high-performance computing installations.
  • Assistance in analyzing, designing, and procuring IT software and hardware for your project.
  • Support for large project management.
  • Support in preparing the IT section of your grant proposal.

Services are subject to staff availability.


After a catastrophic backup power system failure on 16-Jul-2020, some lab storage and specialized hardware is still offline due to limited power capacity in the TASC2 datacenter.

We are still working to move data and servers to other locations. This will be a long process. Thank you for your patience in the meantime; we appreciate how disruptive this has been to your work.

Emergency communications channel: @SFU_RCG on Twitter