IT Services for Researchers — RCG Handbook

IT Services for Researchers

The SFU Research Computing Group assists SFU researchers with harnessing High-Performance Computing platforms and other digital research infrastructure, both locally, regionally and nationally.

The Software Development Program will pair SFU-lead research projects with RCG Software Development team members, who are often subject matter experts, to develop custom software and platforms, using development best practices that will help accelerate research outcomes.

The Software Development team members are supported by the Systems Analyst team who are experts in the field of automation and system administration.

As a result, the two teams combined help the research community to achieve more sustainable and stable software solutions.

Research Computing can support your research activities by providing:

  • Expertise regarding specific software packages.
  • Access to high-performance computing installations.
  • Assistance in analyzing, designing, and procuring IT software and hardware for your project.
  • Support for large project management.
  • Support in preparing the IT section of your grant proposal.

Services are subject to staff availability.


The research network is operating normally.

Emergency communications channel: @SFU_RCG on Twitter