Troublehooting Login Issues — RCG Handbook

Troublehooting Login Issues

Common Login Issues (Linux/Windows)

  • Your school’s staff may have forgotten to add you to the appropriate access control lists. Please contact your school’s front office or helpdesk.
  • Double-check your SFU credentials. Can you log into the SFU e-mail system with the username and password you have on hand? Reset your password if you can’t.
  • After five consecutive failed login attempts, campus Active Directory will lock your account for 5 minutes. To unlock it, simply wait 5 minutes and log in again with the correct password.
    • Support staff cannot unlock your account after Active Directory has locked it. You will need to wait.

Linux Login Troubleshooting

If your password is accepted but you’re logged out after a few seconds, you have probably exceeded your disk quota.