General Troubleshooting Tips — RCG Handbook

General Troubleshooting Tips

Can you upgrade glibc for me?

glibc and libstdc++ are core components of every Linux distribution and you should not attempt to upgrade them. (No upgrades are made available for this very reason.)

If you are running into errors that suggest your glibc is out of date, contact your school’s helpdesk about having your workstation reinstalled with a newer Linux distribution.

I get a strange warning about “ICEAuthority” when logging in.

You are probably out of disk space. See the Disk Quota page for diagnostic and cleanup instructions.

The Linux ownCloud/SFU Vault client won’t start.

Sometimes the ownCloud settings files become altered or damaged in a certain way that prevents ownCloud from runnning. Delete ownCloud’s settings, then try again.

$ pkill -9 owncloud       # ensure owncloud is not running
$ cd ~/.local/share/data  #
$ rm -r ownCloud          # deletes settings, not data
$ ownCloud &              # try running ownCloud again

“Firefox is already running” but it isn’t. Help!

Firefox will not start up if it sees a lockfile in your Firefox profile directory. Try this:

pkill firefox
cd ~/.mozilla/firefox/
ls -lt  <=== the topmost directory is your profile directory
cd {your profile directory}
rm lock
rm .parentlock

Now try launching Firefox again.

Firefox is behaving strangely

This happens a lot on Linux hosts. Move your current profile aside. Firefox will start a new one on the next launch:

pkill firefox
mv ~/.mozilla/firefox ~/old-firefox-settings
cd ~/.cache
rm -r mozilla
# launch Firefox again

Google Chrome stalls or behaves strangely

Move aside your profile to reset Chrome.

pkill google-chrome
mv ~/.config/google-chrome ~/old-chrome-settings
cd ~/.cache
rm -r google-chrome
# launch google-chrome again